Anti-US Protesters in the Philippines

I always side with victims-

Do I side with people who put themselves in danger, destroying/vandalizing government property and provoking authority and complain when they get their ass kicked, no, and they are not victims, they committed a crime and ignored the limitations of their rights.

The police used excessive force? Yes they did, the question is, why was it necessary?

People side with the protesters because the other side are people in uniforms, for them, they are automatically the bad guys, “protect and serve” blah blah blah, they are human too, they will respond to aggression.

No one would have gotten hurt if they weren’t there in the first place, they should have spent their free time working and making money. Sensitive and entitled arrogant motherfuckers who think they deserve what they want.

These people are consistent in keeping the “People Power” mentality, because it worked before, it’s the only thing that they want to do whenever there’s something that they don’t like in the government.  Yes you have rights but you went beyond your boundaries.