Philippines : The Marcoses

500,000 to 1,000,000 filipinos died during Japanese occupation, now we have forgiven them and became allies with them, but we cant forgive 1 family because of their “atrocities” that are actually unclear, your hatred towards them came from the same media that you call biased today, the plunder case against them might probably be true, but these so called torture victims?
Their stories were enough for you to believe them, thats funny, why do other people who lived during martial law are saying otherwise? Some of them say the protesters back then were as violent as the anti-US protesters of today. Isnt it illogical to think that they would torture and kill people with no reason at all? Im not saying its ok to torture and kill people btw,
Im not siding with the Marcoses, but its ridiculous to be swayed too much by your emotions because of what the media has fed you.
It would be interesting if the Aquinos were the ones actually responsible in these so called tortures and assassinations back then, like the same thing happening right now, vigilantes/rogue cops randomly killing people suspected of being drug users and pushers to put the blame on Duterte.

Anti-US Protesters in the Philippines

I always side with victims-

Do I side with people who put themselves in danger, destroying/vandalizing government property and provoking authority and complain when they get their ass kicked, no, and they are not victims, they committed a crime and ignored the limitations of their rights.

The police used excessive force? Yes they did, the question is, why was it necessary?

People side with the protesters because the other side are people in uniforms, for them, they are automatically the bad guys, “protect and serve” blah blah blah, they are human too, they will respond to aggression.

No one would have gotten hurt if they weren’t there in the first place, they should have spent their free time working and making money. Sensitive and entitled arrogant motherfuckers who think they deserve what they want.

These people are consistent in keeping the “People Power” mentality, because it worked before, it’s the only thing that they want to do whenever there’s something that they don’t like in the government.  Yes you have rights but you went beyond your boundaries.


More powerful than one government, The People

Fate challenges the will of the people
Winds the ravages and destroys the steeple
Death instantly took the breath of the masses
And the situation which the King fails to asses

The world sets its eyes in the Pearl of the Orient Seas
Which is governed by animals that infest like fleas
They have tentacles that can spread lies in our mind
So convincing that we left common sense behind

The time is now to judge the Yellow Leader
Is he fit to rule or fit to be the joker
Our land and children’s future here is at stake
The people are stronger than one government and we will not break


The ignorant will always fear what it doesn’t understand. [ Atheism ]

As I was growing up in the Philippines, I was taught about the relevance of religion in our lives, the different values, the Bible and about God and his son Jesus Christ.  I was a follower of God, even though we’re not much of a religious family, I still had good faith but as I hit puberty, I began to question my faith and the existence of God.


You can’t express your opinions as an atheist in a country like this.  Most of the time you will find yourself fed by these people who will keep on telling you that God is real, he made everything, he created everything and when you ask them any proof, they point to the Bible, which in my opinion is a poor excuse.  A book is written by man, not by a God.  We weren’t there to begin with, we can’t prove anything that happened thousands of years ago, it’s like saying a Spiderman comic book proves Spiderman’s existence.

We always had science to explain everything to us, people don’t study science for nothing.  I hate it when people say “Thank God” when a person survives an operation, the Doctors did the operation not God, and science is also behind it.  They also say “Thank God” for the food that they have everyday, funny because the last thing I remembered it’s the farmers and fishermen who keep on working hard to produce the food that we eat, praying won’t magically put food on our table.

I realized something big behind this belief.  This is a hindrance to progress of the human mind, religion will only teach you things that’s within it, nothing else, nothing new, it’s just a constant brainwashing agenda. 

Atheists are not bad or evil people, last time I checked, only religious people have been killing each other.


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