More powerful than one government, The People

Fate challenges the will of the people
Winds the ravages and destroys the steeple
Death instantly took the breath of the masses
And the situation which the King fails to asses

The world sets its eyes in the Pearl of the Orient Seas
Which is governed by animals that infest like fleas
They have tentacles that can spread lies in our mind
So convincing that we left common sense behind

The time is now to judge the Yellow Leader
Is he fit to rule or fit to be the joker
Our land and children’s future here is at stake
The people are stronger than one government and we will not break


Hello WordPress!

Its been a while since this account has been made, well actually 5 years, and yes after that 5 years, this is my 1st post.  Hurray for me lol.  Anyway, a friend of mine gave me a tip about wordpress and some suggested that I start blogging here if I want to start blogging.  I’m not really that type of person that likes to post a lot of stuff, I’d love to post relevant things that’s actually beneficial for everyone.  I’m a people person lol.  I hope alot of people would understand and acknowledge the things that I’m going to share here in wordpress.