Death Penalty in the Philippines

People should really push this through, crimes like rape, murder and robbery happen more than once, everyday.  People don’t fear anything anymore and they have less worries when committing a crime, if life is what they took, they have to pay the same.

Funny how lawmakers made a statement saying that the Death Penalty is not really necessary, they are afraid they might end up executed themselves.  Right now, the majority of politicians are in hot water because of the alledged 10 Billion peso “Pork Barrel” scam.  I believe they are the ones who said “Death Penalty” is not necessary in the country.  Politicians shouldn’t be treated specialty when guilty of a crime, they should be sentenced equally like when a normal civilian commits a crime.  No pardons, no house arrests.  They should also be sentenced to death if found guilty of a crime that deserves such punishment.

If they consider passing the “Death Penalty” again, things will change for the best.