Philippines : The Marcoses

500,000 to 1,000,000 filipinos died during Japanese occupation, now we have forgiven them and became allies with them, but we cant forgive 1 family because of their “atrocities” that are actually unclear, your hatred towards them came from the same media that you call biased today, the plunder case against them might probably be true, but these so called torture victims?
Their stories were enough for you to believe them, thats funny, why do other people who lived during martial law are saying otherwise? Some of them say the protesters back then were as violent as the anti-US protesters of today. Isnt it illogical to think that they would torture and kill people with no reason at all? Im not saying its ok to torture and kill people btw,
Im not siding with the Marcoses, but its ridiculous to be swayed too much by your emotions because of what the media has fed you.
It would be interesting if the Aquinos were the ones actually responsible in these so called tortures and assassinations back then, like the same thing happening right now, vigilantes/rogue cops randomly killing people suspected of being drug users and pushers to put the blame on Duterte.