Kony 2012 Fraud

People would do anything for money, even if it means fooling everyone around the world.  Let’s talk about this trending topic and video called Kony 2012.  It is a video made by Invisible Children.  It is about Joseph Kony’s so called child trafficking, abusing and also torturing.  This guy has been missing for 5-6 years according to sources.  Why now?


In my opinion, Invisible Children is just using their tactical video editing skills and use the story to get people’s attention.  For what reason?  Revenue of course!  I’m talking about online revenue and the donations that they will receive from the people who will believe and donate because of this Kony 2012 video.  The story is already half dead.  Kony’s LRA terrorist group is said to have halted their activities half a decade ago.  Kony is no where to be found and is rumored to be out of the country or even possibly dead.


I’m not against the idea of helping the victim’s or children who got involved in this terrorism.  The only thing that I’m troubled about is the way they ( Invisible Children ) take advantage of the situation and story over there in Uganda.  If we’re going to help them by donation, we should send our money to legitimate organizations there in Uganda, no to Invisible Children.


Invisible Children has been asked to reveal their accounts in the past but they have failed to respond.  It is said that only 30% of the actual proceeds go to the causes and the rest?  To their pockets of course.


Touche’ to their video editing skills, and btw some of the clips that they’ve added to that video are actually unrelated and not owned by them ( probably ).


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